Hassan Whiteside 17 Points Full Highlights (2/11/2015)

Some people have been asking, if Hassan Whiteside keeps up this level of play until his next contract, will he get the max? in DownToBuck’s not-humble-at-all opinion, this is a magnificently stupid question. These people are not thinking big enough.

You could ask, “if Hassan Whiteside plays like this for the next few years, will he be a superstar?” That’s still not thinking big enough.

“Should Hassan Whiteside be inducted into the Hall of Fame?” Nope, that’s still not thinking about the bigger picture. A player of his skill should not be insulted with such trivial, mindless questions. If you asked, “Should Hassan Whiteside be inducted into the HOF while also kicking everybody else out of the HOF, since he is the GOAT?” that would be getting closer.

No. The question we have to ask ourselves is, if Hassan Whiteside keeps playing like a total beast, should we rewrite the very history books themselves and declare that Whiteside, not Dr. James Naismith, is the inventor of basketball? I think this would be a sufficient accolade for a player of Whiteside’s caliber. To not only be the greatest of all time in a sport, but to have also invented that sport, would be an accomplishment that no human being has ever come close to achieving.

No human, that is, except for Hassan Whiteside.

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