Jason Smith 25 Points Full Highlights (2/11/2015)

In a previous description I stated that Andrea Bargnani was better than Jason Smith. I would like to issue a retraction for that little nugget of misguided garbage.

This Jason Smith dude just put together a game that would give prime Raptors Bargnani a hardon if Bargnani hadn’t already been made impotent by the spermicidal force of his bricks. It’s too bad that the rest of the Knicks were playing like they were blindfolded, because Jason had pretty much the game of his life and they still bungled their way into a loss.

In the same description where I erred in my player comparison, I also made a trade proposal that, looking back, was totally lowballing the Knicks: a few cans of Pringles and a slice of NY-style pizza in exchange for Jason Smith. I would like to sweeten that deal by adding a conditional 2036 second-round pick (top 60 protected). I’ll take out the pizza since New York already has enough of that, and because I already ate it. But here’s the real kicker: a DownToBuck-signed mini basketball, placed in a taped-shut paper bag to ensure that nothing damages its pristine roundness.

If somebody from the Knicks wants to tweet me on this, they should go for it.

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