C.J. Miles 21 Points Full Highlights (2/24/2015)

C.J. Miles was so hot in the third quarter of this game (fifteen points) that I’m not sure why he didn’t play the beginning of the fourth. I get that he might have been tired, but he’s an NBA player. They can go the whole 48 if you ask them to. The Thunder used his absence to build up a big lead that could not be overcome.

I’m calling Frank Vogel out right now. This is a beef. I AM BEEFING WITH FRANK VOGEL STARTING NOW. You gotta let Miles chuck you back into the game, because the basket was getting bigger and bigger with every shot he hit. You have to tell his team during timeout, “I know I keep telling you guys to play as a team, but right now, it would really work better if you just tried to get C.J. some shots.”

How are you supposed to inform people of beefs anyway? Twitter? I’m bad at Twitter. I think I might be bad at beefs too. Lil B teach me your secrets.

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