Donatas Motiejunas 18 Points Full Highlights (2/25/2015)

To the dismay of Lithuanians everywhere (but mostly in Lithuania), Terrence Jones has come back from his injury to displace Donatas Motiejunas from the starting lineup. However, to the delight of Lithuanians everywhere, Dwight Howard is still out, which means that Donuts still gets to start, albeit at center instead of power forward. So the people who really lost out are all zero fans of Joey Dorsey.

My question is, when will the Rockets ditch all the Chinese stuff and replace it with Lithuanian stuff? Nobody in China cares about the Rockets anymore, but there is an untapped market in Lithuania that yearns to be sold merchandise. It’s true that China is a lot bigger population-wise than Lithuania, but Chinese people only buy knock-off stuff anyway, while Lithuania is in Europe (I think…? Maybe they’re in the Caribbean?) and Europe actually has laws regarding that stuff.

Yao Ming is the past. Forget about him. Donatas Motiejunas is the future.

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