Enes Kanter 18 Points Full Highlights (2/26/2015)

It will be interesting to see what Enes Kanter does to OKC’s defense. Having a PF like Ibaka is pretty much the ideal situation for him to be in, since Ibaka can defend the paint and cover ground while Kanter stumbles around aimlessly, perpetually failing to protect the rim or play help defense.

It seems certain that whatever regression the Thunder have on defense, it will be made up for by a center who can actually score. Kendrick Perkins could not score even a little bit. Steven Adams could generously be called a “work in progress” on that side of the ball. But all the Kanterman does is score the rock. That’s his whole purpose in life. That and scoring with women.

My suggestion to Scott Brooks, who isn’t even a good coach even a little bit, would be to start Morrow instead of Roberson when Durant comes back. That way, your entire starting lineup is an offensive threat, and you can bury teams in the first eight minutes to demoralize them. See, I can do this coaching stuff just as well as Scott Brooks. How did he get that job again? Can somebody give me some pointers?

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