E’Twaun Moore Career High 19 Points/1 Game-Winner Full Highlights (3/5/2015)

When E’Tawun Moore was picked up by the Bulls in the offseason, I rested easy knowing that he would never get any minutes with the crowded Chicago backcourt. With the knowledge that Thibodeau will play his starters 40 minutes per game, I figured that Moore would only ever see extending playing time if Derrick Rose or Jimmy Butler got ran into the ground.

Guess what?

Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler got ran into the ground and both of them are lying, ignored, in a hospital bed somewhere. With no real backup shooting guard on the Bulls roster, it’s the perfect time for us to get more Moore. And boy, did we ever get it. A career high AND a game winner? That’s more Moore than anybody ever expected.

Somewhere, Kevin Durant is crying alone.

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