Jeremy Lin 29 Points Full Highlights (3/22/2015)

Jeremy Lin’s mind whirled, frantic thoughts chasing each other through the labyrinth of his psyche. He thought back to what Chandler Parsons had just said.

“See you man. I love you. Wait, I didn’t mean…”

The phone call had ended only a few minutes prior, but it already seemed an eternity. He had not faltered after this revelation from Chandler, somehow, and responded in what seemed then an appropriate way.

“I know man, I know. I love you too.”

The call had ended after those words. Had he been too upfront? Was it really a slip of his friend’s tongue? He hoped not. They had often talked and laughed about their various and numerous sexual escapades, but there had always been something lurking in the background of those conversations…

He shook his head, trying in vain to remove those thoughts from his mind. Leaning back into the black leather sofa in his well-appointed Los Angeles apartment. He took out his phone again and navigated straight to the contacts list, finger hovering over the entry for Chandler Parsons. How easy it would be to call him back, call him back right now and set things straight.

Again, he shook his head. It was too soon. He didn’t want to mess things up any more than they, possibly, were. Their relationship had taken a definite turn, but in which way, Jeremy could not yet discern.

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