T.J. Warren 13 Points Full Highlights (3/30/2015)

They (who?) weren’t lying when they said that T.J. Warren is a sick scorer. He’s not actually putting up ridic totals in the NBA yet, but he will, and while he’s getting there he is playing the part well. He just looks like the kind of dude who would put up tons of points. Maybe it’s his lack of passing; most of the dudes in the league with lower assist percentages are centers or power forwards, so you know he is making the most out of every touch by shooting most of them.

He probably has a nice all-around scoring game (except for threes), but right now I am enamored by his floater. I normally decry that shot as the last resort for a desparate player, but he seems to make it work. Is that how he scored 25 per game as a Tarheel?

[Ed. note: apparently NC State and UNC are not the same thing. What’s the NC State mascot anyway? College basketball sucks, when is the D-League gonna start being a viable minor league? We regret the error but not really.]

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