Aron Baynes 18 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2015)

That’s two eighteen point games in a row for The Big Baynger. It is time for Australians to forget about Matthew Dellavedova. That guy sucks now. You can also forget about Dante Exum and Joe Ingles. Those guys blow. Andrew Bogut = lame. Australians should direct all of their nationalistic enthusiasm towards the new face of Australian basketball: Aron Baynes.

His free throws are just so WET, you have to think that he could develop a Vucevic-esque midrange game if given the proper attention and coaching. I don’t know what his skill is in the post or what his footwork looks like, but I do know that he’s got a pretty quick release for a big guy. I also know that he has, like, ten pet wallabies in his house.

In conclusion, forget about all those other Australian players. Even if they were good, which they aren’t, The Big Baynger is way more attractive than any of them. Not that I like dudes. I like girls. But I’m just saying. Aron Baynes have it all. G’day mates!

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