Enes Kanter 24 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2015)

Enes Kanter couldn’t help it. He was crying again. These tears, like those preceding them, were shed in memory of Jesseca, the cheerleader that Enes had left behind in Utah. The droplets, each one filled with more emotion than one man could possibly hold inside, splashed onto the piece of fancy stationery which lay in front of him on his desk.

Once he regained his composure, he began to write.

“Like a rose petal floating in a river
Our love flowed with beauty and grace
Hurt you or let you down, I would never
As we journeyed to our secret place

The glade of oaks would our respite be
Sunny yet shaded, an Eden so pure
There I would get down on one knee
To make our bond yet more secure

These wonderful things never came to pass
Utah was not the right situation for me
I forced a trade, and at the last
We separated, your eyes never again to see

Jesseca is your name so lovely
Your body perfect like sculpted stone
Please come quickly back to me
My heart bursts when I am so alone”

Enes looked down at the completed poem. The words were raw emotion straight from his wrecked soul, and it cut him even deeper to reread them. He carefully folded it and place it in an envelope. Then, as the final somber touch, he plucked a few petals from the vase of roses that was beside him. These he placed with the poem in the envelope. Sealing it, he addressed it:

“Cheerleader Jesseca
Utah Jazz Arena
Salt Lake City, Utah”

The writing on the envelope had become splotchy for some reason. Enes investigated the pen for defects before realizing that the utensil was not at fault. Instead, the splotches were a result of his own tears as he had, yet again, begun to cry.

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