Ben McLemore 20 Points Full Highlights (4/5/2015)

Do the Kings suck because Ben McLemore sucks? Or does Ben McLemore suck because the Kings suck? That is the unanswerable question. It might be somewhat unfair to Ben Mac to accuse him of sucking, but there we have it. I just want to know if he would be a total stud on a team that wasn’t cursed to suck forever (anywhere besides Sacramento or Minnesota, really), or if he would just be the same middling scorer that he is now.

Since we’re getting into the last little bit of the season, here’s a list of things I want the Kings to do for my enjoyment:

-Play Sim Bhullar
-Play Sim Bhullar for a quarter straight and see how tired he gets
-Tell McLemore to shoot it twenty times a game
-Get DeMarcus Cousins to gun for triple-doubles at the expense of team success like a certain other Western Conference player
-In-game Hollins v. McLemore dunk contest while they’re supposed to be shooting free throws

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