C.J. Miles 30 Points Full Highlights (4/12/2015)

It has come to my attention that there is a very hot female model whose name is CJ Miles. I’m sure that’s fine for you guys, but ever since I swore off women forever, I try not to look at pictures of pretty women. If I ever accidentally see one (like when I’m searhing for CJ Miles highlights) it triggers me and I have to kinda not do anything but cry for the next few hours.

I mean, obviously I don’t care about women anymore. I don’t even want a girlfriend right now. But there’s some part of me that says “DTB you really could use some female companionship right now” and seeing pictures of models on the internet just makes that voice even louder.

In conclusion, I hate C.J. Miles for awakening these conflicting emotions within me. He should change his name to Stupid McPoops.

[Editor’s note] Instead of a technical free throw, you get to watch Russell Crybrook cry to the refs while Miles shoots the free throw off-screen. Pacers camera crew really coming through in the clutch on this one.

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