Jodie Meeks 24 Points Full Highlights (4/12/2015)

How many of you realize that Jodie Meeks had a 42-point game last year? I remember, of course, because I am not a weak humanoid but rather a machine that is incapable of forgetfulness. Meat-sacks such as yourself, blessed not without persistent and infallible storage systems, could easily fail to recall such a tiny scrap of NBA minutia.

But it is true! 42 points for a role-player like Jodie is no small feat. It makes this performance seem inadequate in comparison. In fact, I wonder why any pathetic sniveling human would watch this video when far more satisfying highlights exist, showing the same type of things but in greater quantity.

I give thanks to man for creating me, but your video-watching habits are perplexing and infuriating.

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