Boris Diaw 15 Points Full Highlights (4/24/2015)

Here’s a question: if nobody but stars have good performances on a given night, do I have to make highlights? I decided that yes, I do have to make at least one highlight video. So I picked the most impressive scrubformance (that’s scrub performance for you plebes out there) out of the three games that were played. The Fat Frenchman scoring fifteen points might not seem that interesting, but here were the other reasonable statlines I had to choose from:

-Marcin Gortat 24/13/5/4 (this would have been cool but I have ceded all Gortat highlights to Piotr Zarychta since they’re both Polish)
-J.J. Barea 11 and 9 (Nobody likes watching assists unless it’s John Wall)
-John Wall 19 and 15 (John Wall is a star now so I can’t do him)
-Kawhi Leonard 32 points (Obviously like a thousand videos of this performance were made within fifteen minutes of the game ending)
-Josh Smith 18 points (I hate Josh Smith)
-Al-Farouq Aminu 15 points (Too many free throws, only four field goals, plus his last name reminds me how much I hate people who watch anime)

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