Gary Neal 23 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2015)

Gary Neal is walking proof that the Spurs don’t magically turn every player they acquire into gold. Gary wasn’t even really that good for San Antonio aside from a few hot playoff games, games that he managed to parlay into a stupid contract with one of the only teams stupid enough to be fooled by his stupid chucker tendencies:

The Milwaukee Bucks.

I’m still mad about that one. Frickin’ Gary Neal, supposed to bring a spark to the bench, well I guess he did, a spark of POOP. Only good thing he did was getting into a fight with Larry Sanders, supposedly telling him “I earn my money, you should try it sometime.” Which was kind of ironic, since at that point they were both sucking at about equal rates, but still. I love a good old-fashioned locker-room throwdown.

Gary keeps fooling teams into thinking that he could be a decent bench scorer, this year the Washington Wizards are the victim. He must have the best agent ever, either that or GM’s keep watching those highlights I made of him scoring 27 in the playoffs.

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