Seth Curry 9 Points Full Highlights (11/28/2015)

The Kings suck. Again. Everyone knew this was going to happen, and yet, somehow, it still feels surprising. Every year, a little defiant part of me says “you know this could be the year Sacramento puts it all together”, and every year that little defiant part of me shuts up after seeing how bad they suck.

Given this, I don’t understand why they don’t just play Seth Curry a bunch of minutes. They don’t have to start him or anything, just a good amount of minutes that aren’t in total garbage time. I see no downside. It’s like when they had Jimmer; he sucked, but he put butts in seats (the whole point of the NBA, after all). I’d pay good money to watch Seth chuck threes like his brother but not as successfully.

Consider this a teaser trailer of Seth’s forthcoming dominance, set to occur when George Karl removes his liver-spotted head from his rump. Or gets fired, whichever comes first.

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