Michael Carter-Williams 24 Points Full Highlights (12/18/2015)

Michael Carter-Williams is now shooting a very efficient (for him) 44 percent from the field. Great! So why do I get annoyed every time he tries to score the ball?

For one thing, his jumper, despite some promising signs of improvement last year, is the brickiest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s just as likely to go in as it is to careen off the glass. For another, his drives to the basket are erratic and fraught with peril. It’s almost never a clean thing, half the time he’s fighting the ball up through contact.

Also, every time he shoots is one less shot for someone on the team who doesn’t suck. This is the main thing. I want to see Jabari or Giannis doing the stuff Carter-Williams does, and even the results would probably be similar, at least those two still have potential. MCW used up all his potential in his first NBA game, after which it has been all downhill for him.

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