Enes Kanter 23 Points Full Highlights (1/27/2016)

“Enes? Why are you taking pictures of the dancers during their warmup?”

Anthony Morrow expected Enes Kanter to be startled and embarrassed at being caught in a heinous act of perversion, but Enes merely shrugged and continued to snap pictures with his iPhone from his position in the locker room tunnel.

“This has something to do with Jessandra, doesn’t it?” Anthony asked.

“Her name is Jesseca,” Enes corrected. “And yes, it has to do with Jesseca, just like everything in life has to do with my beautiful princess.”

“I can’t even begin to guess, so I suppose you’re going to have to explain yourself before I tell the whole dance team that Enes has been taking creepshots of them and posting them on the internet.”

Enes did not stop taking pictures as he talked. “I don’t post on internet. I have friend who good with Photoshop, he will use Photoshop to put me in pictures with dance team so Jesseca becomes jealous and wants to be girlfriend again.”

“You know you could just go over there and hang out with them, right? All they ever want to do is take selfies with us basketball players. It’s like a big popularity contest and you can help them win it. You don’t have to hide over here and take pictures with your phone on silent.”

“Dancers in Oklahoma City are sluts,” Enes stated simply, as if this justified his felonious behavior. Now he scrolled through the pictures he had taken, nodding at some while deleting the blurry ones. “I will not lower myself to talk or be near them.”

Anthony sighed. “I think you’re trying to imply that the dancers in Utah were somehow not sluts. I’m sure Jesseca has banged half the team since you got traded.”

Enes’ voice was sad. “Do not say such thing about her. That is lies.” He raised up his phone again to continue his illicit photography. “When she see how much fun I have with other women who are not her, she come back. You will see.”

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