Ish Smith 22 Points Full Highlights (2/5/2016)

Prepare for a mind-blowing insight into the DTB highlight making process: I rely on broadcasts showing closeup shots of the players running back after made shots in order to get my thumbnails. Either that or free throws. Ish Smith didn’t take any free throws in this game so I had to go with the first option. There was just one problem:

The ENTIRE game went by, and Ish made eleven buckets, without the Sixers TV people showing Ish ONE time. However, they showed Ramon Sessions at least twice. News flash: Ramon Sessions is not on your team. Did all the cameramen die or something? Or is Ish some kind of vampire that can’t be caught on camera?

Desperate times called for desperate measures. After Ish dominated the third quarter I stuck around for the post-quarter festivities, hoping for some prime Ish thumbnail material. I sort of got my wish, so disaster was averted. Otherwise, I was going to have to closely inspect the one time in the game that he committed a foul to see if they got any shots of him yelling at the refs, looking frustrated, or simply standing around while the free throws were taken.

It might sound funny now but I was actually panicking a little bit that I would have to upload a video with a generic YouTube thumbnail. That would be decidedly NOT funny.

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