Rodney Hood 25 Points Full Highlights (2/6/2016)

Quick quiz: What were the actual events that went down during the ill-fated filming of the “Reppin’ the Hood” music video featuring DownToBuck and Rodney Hood?

A. Rodney Hood smoked too much green and while waving around a shotgun (while riding shotgun with a ho on each arm) he accidentally killed a dude by shooting him in the face.
B. DownToBuck (wearing a marijuana leaf chain) purposely killed a dude with a shotgun because the dude looked at him funny and then blamed it on Rodney.
C. Rodney and DownToBuck took turns shooting a dude in the face (with a shotgun) for no particular reason until said dude’s face was nothing but a red splotch on the desolate concrete of Meridian, Mississippi
D. It was actually a pig police officer who shot the dude, and the dude was black, and the pig was white, and then the white pig blamed it on Rodney who is black.
E. All of the above, somehow.

Answer: you can’t fool me you frickin’ pigs! I’m behind nine proxies, good luck tracing this video back to my real location!

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