Alex Len 22 Points Full Highlights (2/27/2016)

Everyone’s all excited about how Stephen Curry tied the NBA record for most made threes in a game. Let them have their excitement, I say. There is no harm in people enjoying watching the greatest player currently in the game. But there is another record that I fear is going to go unnoticed amongst the falderal:

Alex Len just tied the NBA record for fewest made threes in a game, with 0, a record he now shares with Wilt Chamberlain and Michael Jordan.

Think about that for a moment. Alex Len, now part of an elite pantheon of players that includes some of the best of all time. It’s hard to even believe, but it’s true! Len didn’t even TRY a three, let alone make one, for the whole game. THE WHOLE GAME. He could have easily caved in the final quarter, but he knew history was at stake, and he kept his composure. His stunning performance will be remembered throughout the ages.

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