Robin Lopez 21 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2016)

This is what happens when Kristaps Porzingis doesn’t play. The Knicks win. I don’t even know who this “Porzingis” guy is; I’m just reading off the box-score here where it says his leg is contused. Honestly the only things I know about him are he’s tall and he’s the reason the Knicks suck. The only big man the Knicks need or want is the one with the fluffy hair and the unstoppable hook shot: Robin Lopez. They don’t need some dude who is probably foreign and soft. The only soft part of Fropez is his hair.

Now somebody needs to convince the Knicks organization that Fropez should be featured in the offense ahead of Carmelo and Arron Afflalo. It’s an inarguable point that a game where Fropez shot thirty hook shots would be the most awesome game ever. The Knicks would probably win such a game if they had the balls to try it out.

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