Luis Scola 21 Points Full Highlights (3/6/2016)

I like how the Raptors announcers spent this entire game talking about Luis Scola as if they were afraid of hurting his feelings. Yeah, he’s been pretty much total ass since January, but he’s a pro. A pro and a vet. If he’s ass, he can deal with his assness like a big boy. Handling him with kid gloves won’t help him shoot jumpers.

To be quite honest, a 35-year old doesn’t need his commentary crew saying things like “now that’s he made three layups he has some confidence,” or “even when his shot’s not falling he’s doing all the little things.” Don’t insult the man with that garbage. They should be saying things like “so Scola finally made a shot, about time for that hippie-looking freak,” and “our lack of a competent power forward is going to really hurt us in the playoffs.”

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