Andrew Wiggins 25 Points Full Highlights (3/21/2016)

25 points for Andrew Wiggins is great and all, but I think he came close to undoing all the good things he did tonight with that horrible game-tying attempt with 15 seconds left in the game (not shown). I mean, what the heck was that? There’s no way that a turnaround jumper while being defended by Draymond Green is the best shot he could get. If he even needs to shoot it, which he doesn’t, because even though he’s been somewhat clutch this year, ball movement is almost sure to yield a cleaner attempt.

The Timberwolves had a legit shot to beat the Warriors, and Wiggins pissed it away. No choice now but to trade him to the Bucks for MCW. No choice at all. MCW and Vasquez. It must be done, no way around it.

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