John Henson 17 Points Full Highlights (3/25/2016)

I don’t think John Henson gets enough press for how insane of a shotblocker he is. He’s the only guy in the league who can compare to Hassan Whiteside in that regard, but while the basketball punditry is eager to get on their knees for Whitewide, Henson goes unserviced. I get that he doesn’t receive the same amount of minutes. I understand that. But he NEVER gets ANY attention, except when Matt Barnes is involved.

Good news for him is that I’m hyping him up right now. Henson’s a great shotblocker, providing a nice contrast with the court-bound Greg Monroe. He can hit hook shots. He’s one of the best in the league at that as well. No one is going to watch these highlights, but that’s okay. You guys don’t really deserve to watch an interior presence of this caliber. Keep on enjoying your Whiteside videos.

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