Patrick Beverley 17 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (3/25/2016)

Patrick Beverley sat down at his writing desk, his hands tingling with the words that yearned to be written. Pulling towards him an unused piece of stationery, he began to write:

“‘An Ode to Russell Westbrook’

How I truly hate him so
My eternal point guard foe
Smug about his triple-doubles
I hope his knees are giving him troubles

Russell Westbrook is a douche
So I purposely tore his meniscus loose
If in the playoffs we meet again
Unrelenting pain will be his only friend

He thinks he’s good but he is not
Teamed with Durant, who would have thought
That a ‘chip has not been brought to Oklahoma City
It’s because Westbrook is really shitty

I defer to my superstar like I should
Westbrook hogs the ball as only he could
One day I will end his life for real
Then joy my tortured soul will feel”

Satisfied with the outcome, Patrick smiled crookedly before tucking the paper in with the hundreds of similar compositions that filled a tall filing cabinet in his bedroom.

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