Wesley Matthews 26 Points Full Highlights (3/25/2016)

Is it fair to say that Wesley Matthews is a bottom-ten starting shooting guard in the NBA right now? Am I being fair in saying that? Because it definitely seems like he is. I know that’s he’s coming off a serious injury and it might have affected his jumpshot, but the plain facts are that he remains a starter even though his shooting numbers are below average. And that’s sad because he was an important part of some good Blazers teams. Now he’s a not-so-important part of a decent-but-not-great Mavericks team who instead relies on Dirk Nowitzki to continue playing like an All-Star.

Great. Now I’ve gone and made myself sad again. Time to pop in my VHS copy of the Care Bears Movie. Nobody in Care-a-Lot ever gets their Achilles Tendons brutally snapped in horrific sporting accidents.

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