Alonzo Gee 18 Points/5 Dunks Full Highlights (3/26/2016)

As we have seen from the past two games, all you need to do in order to turn Alonzo Gee into a serviceable player is…injure your entire starting lineup and most of your bench. That’s not a realistic scenario most of the time, but it is right now, considering the disturbing assortment of mangled bodies and literal piles of steaming, still-wet human organs that currently comprise the Pelicans roster. The Pelicans season was screwed anyway so there’s not really any sympathy to be found here. In fact, Pelicans fans should be HAPPY that Alonzo Gee has now found the offensive freedom necessary to pummel the rim with high-flying power-pumps multiple times per game.

Every dunk I see from this guy furthers my notion that he is the most explosive small forward dunker in the league. Not many dudes of his stature will regularly pull off standing dunks from under the rim. He also is good at the sneaky “looks like a layup but now I’m whamming the ball onto your head” dunks ala Jabari Parker. It’s unfortunate that Gee Whiz can’t really shoot a jumper and doesn’t seem to want to try to shoot a jumper anymore, or he could actually be a good player.

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