Norman Powell 15 Points Full Highlights (3/26/2016)

Norman Powell has been having some good games recently, which must come as blessed relief for Raptors fans who had to watch him put up 0-for-whatever or 1-for-something games on a regular basis. I didn’t even realize it, but he has been shooting the ball very poorly outside of the three good games he’s had, and he’s still suck at 34% from the field even after those good games are taken into account. That’s pretty bad! That’s like Rashad Vaughn bad!

Normally I would be throwing handfuls of delicious black shade all over the place and especially all over Norman Powell, but Raptors fans and NBA fans in general are sensitive about their rookies so I’ll only sprinkle a tiny amount of shade this time around: he needs to start hitting some shots or he’s going to turn out like a worse version of Terrence Ross. Or maybe a better version depending on how much you hate Terrence Ross.

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