Ian Mahinmi Career High 19 Points Full Highlights (3/27/2016)

Apparently nobody cares when Ian Mahinmi scores an uncommonly large (for him) amount of points. That’s okay, you can’t make people care about things they don’t care about. However, for Ian’s benefit, I have compiled a list of the things that Mahinmi would have to do in-game in order for people to pay attention to him and perhaps even watch his highlight videos:

-Score more than twenty. That’ll do it for sure
-Go between the legs on a dunk two times in one game, or two times in one dunk
-Some sort of Kiss Cam-related prank? Don’t want to get arrested though
-Get arrested
-Make a three to everybody’s surprise, then get the arena hyped by making four or five more
-Lie down on scorer’s table, put on headphones, get splashed with beer, punch the wrong fan, not necessarily in that order
-Just retire in obscurity and write a thank you card to DTB for always making highlight videos even when nobody watched them

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