Devin Booker 30 Points Full Highlights (3/28/2016)

The tide is shifting perceptibly with regards to Devin Booker: the pendulum of public opinion continues its eternal swing. He has been slightly over-hyped; as a result, some people, instead of being impressed that the youngest player in the association is putting up 30-burgers on a semi-regular basis, are questioning why he isn’t helping the Suns win.

The answer is obvious: it’s because the Suns are tanking. Even with Booker’s best efforts the rest of the roster is too ill-composed to offer much help when it comes to winning games.

This is the natural order of things. A well-playing rookie is underrated for a good part of the season, gets properly rated for maybe one game before the hype train goes off the rails. A small amount of fans of other teams tune in, expecting transcendent play from the hypee, and are disappointed when he’s merely “good”. They feel they have been misled, they are mad, and they lash out at what they see as unwarranted attention. It happens with many talented rookies, Kristaps Porzingis being another notable example from this year. No need to worry, Suns fans. They will learn soon enough how foolish they were to doubt the Booker Report.

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