J.J. Barea 26 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/30/2016)

Is it too late for the Mavericks to win the chip this year? Obviously not. All they have to do is make the playoffs as the 8th seed, reverse history by beating the Warriors, and then it’s basically a free ride to a chip.

Then it will finally be revealed who the REAL driving force on that Mav’s championship team was: Dirk Nowitzki. Dirk Nowitzki AND J.J. Barea. All those other dudes, Tyson whats-his-name, Peja whatever, Yawn Marion, they will be shown to have been only minor parts of Barwitzki’s team. I’ve always known that the narrative was being rewritten by racist sportswriters, writers not eager to shine too much positive light on the NBA’s premiere Mexican player.

J.J. is proving his immense value as of late, scoring and diming to his heart’s content, dragging his unwilling team to a potential playoff berth. 26 points and 7 assists is only the latest movement in his continuing symphony of basketball.

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