Seth Curry 17 Points Full Highlights (4/2/2016)

Welcome to another episode of “Great Moments in DTB History”, where we examine, as the title of the show suggests, moments in the history of DownToBuck’s YouTube channel that could be considered “great”. I’m your host, DownToBuck.

Today’s topic: “Matthew Dellavedova Career High 14 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (3/22/2014)”. Uploaded a little more than two years ago, this seemingly innocuous video is a notable triumph in the long-spanning history of DTB’s highlight-making career. Not because of the view count; even the Aussies couldn’t be bothered with this one, and it has only a little over 2000 views. Nor because of the description; a funny poem about Vegemite supposedly penned by Dellavedova himself. A fine description, but not one of my best. No, it is neither of these things.

If you look closely, buried among the 10 assists that Dellavedova acquired, you will see what makes this video so momentous, at around the 1:25 mark: the first and ONLY basket of Seth Curry’s career that occurred while on a team other than the Kings, a three from the left corner. For a while, it looked like that might be the only field goal of Seth’s career, an interesting footnote on his brother’s illustrious career. The Kings have provided the opportunity for a veritable treasure-trove of Seth highlights, but we can always look back with fondness at his beginning, a guy on a 10-day hitting a meaningless three-pointer in a blowout loss during a meaningless regular-season game.

Thanks for joining us on “Great Moments in DTB History”! Next episode: That time DTB forgot to include a made basket in one of his videos but no one even noticed.

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