Ricky Rubio 16 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (3/25/2017)

No, that’s not a typo. Ricky Rubio only got four assists in this game and I still made a highlight video. Four is not a season-low for Ricky (it’s probably be a season-high for Shabazz Muhammad LOL [lots of laughs]) but it’s close; his season-low in assists is three. But he actually made some shots so here we are. I hope you’re not too disappointed.

Since Rubio only had four assists and Kris Dunn only had one, where did the Timberwolves get all their assists? Well, it turns out that they only had fifteen assists in the game, so nobody really stepped up their passing game. Tyus Jones had four. Adreian Payne had one. Shabazz Muhammad had, you guessed it, zero (ROFL). Did all of Thibs’ yelling cause the offensive scheme to break down or something? Or was Ricky setting up his teammates like usual and they were just blowing it? These are answers I can only get from people who watched the game, because I definitely don’t have the time or desire to sit down and watch the whole game just to make my video description 10% more accurate.

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