What Happened to the Videos?/New Channel


Yes, my dedicated fan, it’s true: my world-renowned YouTube channel was taken down due to multiple copyright claims made by “Aiplex Software Pvt Ltd.” on the morning of Monday, February 19, 2018. Since I know what you’re thinking right now, yes, I am still making highlight videos.

Since your thoughts are so predictable, I will also answer the second question that resides in your mind: yes, I very much desire to have my channel back. I am currently exploring my options for getting my YouTube account restored and my videos reinstated, although if you’re reading this in the distant future and the videos are all still missing, I apologize for having failed in my quest.

A little more background: I received two copyright strikes from the same Aiplex company in the summer of 2017. After reaching out to them via email, I received fourteen more copyright notices, all of them on compilation videos from the 2016-17 season, so I deleted those videos in order to save my channel (more gory details can be found at this post. This time around, I received 39 strikes in rapid succession, all on videos that were uploaded at the beginning of the season (I suspect the takedowns were issued sequentially in the order I uploaded the videos), plus one compilation video that was uploaded in September (this one). Before I was even give a chance to react, my channel was gone, and with it, a significant chunk of the available video content on some of the scrubbiest scrubs and role-playeriest role-players that have graced the NBA hardwood since 2012.

I am putting these figures here so I don’t forget them: 79,000 subscribers, 7,500 videos, 80,000,000 lifetime views, five and a half years.

Thanks for reading. Highlights will never die.

-DTB and Japurri Purrker

11 thoughts on “What Happened to the Videos?/New Channel”

  1. Dee Tee Bee!!! We holding your back, fam. #Goat #Dedicated #For #BabbersNation #DwightBuycksIsALegitPointGuard

    P.S i promise i’ll watch your every highlight video from first to around 7,5th k video, if you get your main channel back. Not even being funny. #i #wanna #be #dedicated #to #diehard #dtb #fanbase

  2. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world, and good luck! I’ve already installed several klaxons for the impending DTB RESTORATION ALERT!

  3. Thank you dtd for the great content you have been providing over the last five and a half years. I always enjoy reading your descriptions

  4. Respect Br0′,
    my channel also down for Aiplex Software activity…. It was about spanish LaLiga footbal. Please tell, its any chance to try back, because its nerly same case like your (contend ID with Mediapr0, not with Aiplex)?

  5. I still have dozens of your videos favorite from last season I never got to watch. Any chance your original channel comes back or should I just write down the player/date/stats and hopefully watch them someday if you re-upload?

    Also maybe no interest and you’re busy enough already but ever consider a “Vintage Down To Buck” channel? Could re-upload your old stuff there AND maybe make a certain theme too. e.g. uploading old highlights of coaches, analysts, commentators who once played in the NBA (e.g. Ty Lue, Jeff Hornacek, Kurt Kambis, Fred Hoiberg, Dennis Scott) Most probably aren’t stars (unless you upload stuff of Reggie Miller, Barkley or Shaq unless you specifically upload stuff of them past their prime) so it sort of fits the scrub/lesser known player theme of your current stuff.

  6. Hi, r u able to email a specific player highlights to me from seasons 2011 through 2017? would like to discuss via email. Can pay $$$


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