Davis Bertans 17 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (3/5/2018)

It is the secret dream of every NBA-bound Euro player to play for the Spurs. They have the reputation, they have the system, they have the pedigree, they have the Popovich, every other city looks like backwater hicksville compared to the shining basketball metropolis of San Antonio.

But Davis Bertans is there now, and he’s finding that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. For, you see, the Spurs have a problem that sometimes isn’t publicized as much as it should be: they actually really suck at fairly allocating minutes.

Bertans should be getting 30 minutes a contest, no question. I am not biased in any way when I make this statement; I’m not even Latvian, so how could I be biased? I am simply calling it as I see it. A three-point stroke as pure as Bertans’ combined with explosive athleticism deserves starter minutes. He is not getting that on the Spurs, because they are confused about which players are good on their team and which players are bad. They don’t even really have any other power forwards!

I have devised a trade which I think benefits all parties, especially Bertans: the Bucks offer Thon Maker for him. Boom. We need a Mirza replacement so god-damn badly please help oh my god. I can’t. I just can’t. No more, please.

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