Justise Winslow 27 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2019)

After conducting an exhaustive, meticulous, frame-by-frame analysis of this video, I am confident in stating these things about Justise Winslow:

-He is a big bowl of Bustaroni and Cheese
-His name should be Bustise Winslow
-His name could also be Justise Inslo because he has no W’s
-He should be the bust man at my wedding
-When teens on the internet talk about how they’re going to “bust”, they’re alluding to Justise Winslow and the lack of success he will have in his career overall
-He is pure Bust Sauce

The same deep analysis of this video revealed that the following things are in no way true about Justise Inslo:

-He is a good basketball player
-He is a point guard
-He is a franchise building block for the Heat
-He is a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses
-He could very well be an All-Star in as little as two years from now, depending on his development
-He is not a bust

Again, those things are all things that I have, through the power of the scientific method, proven to be false. Bustise Inslo is none of those things in the second list, but he is all of the things in the first list.

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