Jerryd Bayless 19 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (1/27/2019)

Let us examine Timberwolves commentator Jim Peterson’s comment that Jerryd “Jerry Dee” Bayless “was an excellent player with the Milwaukee Bucks”.

Honestly, I don’t disagree with the second part of the sentence. He definitely was a player with the Milwaukee Bucks. I remember clearly many specific instances of him basketballing while in a Bucks jersey, so unless he was just putting on the jersey and running out onto the court for a few minutes at a time until courtside security realized what was going on and dragged him off, I’d say he was absolutely a player for the Bucks.

But the “excellent” part. I don’t know about that. Peterson must be using some unknown definition of the term that means “just okay, sometimes”. Because that’s all Bayless was. He averaged 10 points per game his final season there while shooting 44 percent from three, but those stats don’t tell the whole story. And even if they did, I’m not considering 10 points per game “excellent”. His game-winner in the playoffs was excellent, I’ll give him that. I bet he taunts Derrick Rose all the time about it.

It is causing me much anguish to have to be making Bayless highlights on a nightly basis right now, but I’m powering through due to my devotion to the scrub-advancement cause. It’s gonna be a while before he gets good enough to show up on DawkIns, and even longer until the NBA is uploading purpose-made vids for him specifically.

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