Kyle Kuzma 25 Points Full Highlights (2/7/2019)

Who even wants Anthony Davis? Not the Lakers, not the Pelicans, nobody. Maybe, MAYBE, the Celtics, but only because they lost to a chemistry-deprived and still-worried-about-getting-traded Lakers squad. AD is the unwanted man in the NBA. Personally, I would only take him on the Bucks if it was a straight swap for Thon Mak… oh yeah, that guy’s gone now, so I guess I don’t need Davis right now. Or ever.

Kyle Kuzma was part of the “supposed” “trade” “package” for Davis, but everyone who knew anything knew that it was just a huge smokescreen by the Lakers to try and make the Celtics overpay. Kuzma was never going anywhere. You think Lakers fans would ever forgive Magic Johnson for trading away their Summer League hero from a few years ago? Heck, I’d bet you’d get more backlash for trading him than for trading LeBron James. All the rest of this description has been dripping with sarcasm, but man, that last sentence feels kinda true to me right now.

Kuzma, for one thing, is maintenance and drama free. He just wants to play basketball, unlike seemingly all the vets on the Lakers roster. James, on the other hand, is obviously trying to continue playing the role of LeGM, is busy with endorsements and movies and throwing his teammates under the bus, and looks uninterested at times with actually balling. And I know which one I would take on the Bucks, and it’s not the one who would monopolize the ball and take touches away from their young talent.

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