Marvin Bagley 28 Points Full Highlights (2/21/2019)

How many points per game would Marvin “Marvelous Bags” Bagley have to average for the rest of this season (post-All-Star break) for people to consider him a better rookie than Luka Doncic and therefore deserving of the ROTY of the year award?

Twenty points per game is obviously not going to do it because that’s what Luka is currently averaging.

Twenty-five points per game? We’re getting there, but I don’t know if two months of 25 PPG scoring can offset four months of 13 PPG scoring. Still, averaging this many points would make it a discussion, especially if Luka regresses due to fatigue or something.

Thirty points per game? At this point, you’d have to seriously be thinking about giving the ROTY of the year award to the Bagman, because only elite players average thirty points per game for any significant stretch of time. You’d also have to think about giving him the MIP Improved Player award for his unprecedented midseason improvement.

Thirty-five points per game would be the threshold where you couldn’t in good conscience give the award to anybody but Bagley. Even the most ardent Luka stans (of which there are many) would be forced to concede at this point. Bagley averaging 35 points per game would have such a big effect that, not only would the Kings definitely make the playoffs, but they would probably win their first-round matchup as well because they’d basically have a superstar on their roster.

So, there you have it. Marvin Bagley has to average thirty-five points per game from here on out if he wants to be ROTY of the year and take home that awesome trophy (I assume there is a trophy involved).

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