Miles Bridges 14 Points Full Highlights (2/22/2019)

So apparently Miles Bridges was in the dunk contest. I don’t know how he did because I don’t watch the dunk contest and I don’t care about the dunk contest. In-game dunks are just way better than contrived dunks with props. That’s not an unpopular opinion, but I take it one step further by purposely ignoring any replays or media coverage of the contest. I can honestly say that I haven’t even seen one second of video footage which shows Bridges’ participation in the contest. All I’ve seen is Hamidou Diallo’s dunk over the Shaqtus and a picture of John Collins wearing aviator goggles.

Bridges had a little mini dunk contest in this game, throwing down some nice whamjams in game situations where you don’t get ten attempts to convert one dunk. Whatever he did in the contest itself, I’m sure it was eclipsed by what he did here.

I’m going to go ahead and say that Bridges is going to be Stephen Graham 2.0 + Jeffery Taylor 2.0 (minus the domestic abuse and the Swedishness) for the Hornets. I dare you to tell me how that comparison is not the most accurate player comparison you’ve ever seen in your life. I dare you.

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