Brandon Ingram 29 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2019)

There is a fact here that I’m going to have to face even though I definitely don’t want to face it:

Brandon Ingram has been playing pretty well lately.

Stabbing pains are shooting through my entire body after writing that. I almost want to go back and delete it and tell the whole world that his recent games are nothing but empty stats, but I’m going to leave it. Because I don’t think that Ingram’s recent games are statistically empty at all.

The reason I don’t want to accept this is because I hate it when anything goes well for the Lakers. I, like many fans of small-market teams, am eager to see the spectacular failure of the best-laid plans of the Lakers. Their fans have had enough good things happen to them in recent history (not even getting into older history, like, the 80’s) that they should be able to handle some bad things. Like LeBron James not being able to carry this team to the playoffs. Or Ingram not developing the way everybody hoped. Or the Pelicans refusing to trade AD to them, making them wait a WHOLE FOUR MONTHS before he becomes available in the off-season.

My only hope at this point is that Ingram’s increased scoring efficiency is nothing but a fluke and that he regresses. I think that’s the only way that these stabbing pains in my chest and arms will ever go away. Either that or I’m currently having a heart attack, which means that the pain will end at the same time my life ends.

If you could put “DTB: Dead, Thus Blessed” on my tombstone, that would be fantastic.

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