Ian Clark 17 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2019)

I love how I can say the following sentence with a straight face: “Ian Clark buried the Lakers in the fourth quarter”. That’s just a great sentence, not only for the sayer of the sentence, but the reader of the sentence as well. It’s also a great sentence because it’s a true sentence: Ian Clark scored twelve points in the fourth quarter to snuff out any hopes the Lakers had of getting back into the game and possibly winning it. If you don’t think that’s a “burial”, then your definition of burial is way too stringent.

Ian Clark hasn’t been that good this season (the amount of DNP’s he’s received is an indicator of that, and he probably would have gotten another one this game if E’Twaun Moore had been available to play), but his game against the Lakers was good enough where I’m pretty sure that Lakers fans are trying to figure out ways to sign this guy in the off-season. Those guys are obsessed with adding “shooters” around “LeBron”, and they’ll be easily swayed by a role-player going off on them, even if that role-player is just an average three-point shooter.

Since Lakers fans deserve only bad things happening to them, I hope the Lakers sign Clark to a three-year, fifteen-million dollar deal in the off-season, after which he goes on to average 6/1/1 on 34% shooting and 29% from three.

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