Derrick Favors 23 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (3/2/2019)

The Bucks gave up a 19-2 run in the fourth quarter of this game and ended up blowing a huge lead to lose by four, but I am insulated from the negative effects of the loss by the fact that I didn’t watch any of the second half. I was too busy making highlight videos. In fact, I barely checked the box-score during the second half, so I wasn’t really aware of the magnitude of the chokejob until the game had been over for some time.

Okay, I’m not fully insulated from the negative effects of the loss. Fate decreed that I had to make a highlight video for Derrick Favor’s 23-point outing, where he not only made the entire Bucks team look like they had never seen a pick-and-roll in their lives, but he also made Rudy Gobert look like expendable French poopoo. Gobert was a cool -36 for the game, while Favors was +29, despite them both getting the start. Everybody’s going to point to Donovan Mitchell’s 46 points as the catalyst for the victory, but I’m not so sure it wasn’t Favors’ hustle that was the true catalyst.

Also, Ersan, man, I love you, but you’re toast. Especially after Favors put you so deep into his poster than you got crushed in the printing press. I admire that you kept playing in the game after that (I would have just walked out of the arena and up into the mountains to adopt the lifestyle of a hermit), and it’s great that you tried to challenge Favors’ dunk, but that was brutal. I felt like I was watching a crime being committed. A hate crime against Uzbeks.

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