Antonio Blakeney 17 Points Full Highlights (3/3/2019)

It’s been a long time since Antonio Blakeney did anything of note. The season started with Blakeney getting a solid fifteen to twenty minutes per game, the perfect amount of time for him to occasionally generate a highlight-worthy statline. But his shoot-first, shoot-second, shoot-third, pass-fourth style of play must have worn thin the patience of the coaching staff (either Hoiberg’s or Boylen’s), and he started seeing inconsistent or even NO minutes from late November onward.

Did Blakeney secure himself more minutes going forward with this efficient, high-volume scoring effort? Probably not, because he did all the same things that led to him getting benched in the first place, which are “not passing” and “shooting tough pullup midrange jimbos” and “being undersized”. Maybe if you unleashed him fully you would get him to play like Lou Williams 0.7, but the more likely outcome is that he plays like Jordan Crawford 0.9, and there’s a very good reason that guy doesn’t stick around in the league for very long stretches.

That said, watching Blakeney do his thing can be fun in a depraved way, and if the Bulls were fully committed to the tank, they would give him 25 MPG and let him flush away victories with his unconscionable shooting tendencies.

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