Nikola Jokic 22 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/4/2019)

The making of this video brings with it some interesting philosophical quandaries. Among those quandaries is the following question: how sick do a player’s statistical averages have to be where a “below-average” game for them still qualifies for a highlight video?

I ask this because, by at least some measures, this game from Jokic was actually below average for him. And not just because his team lost (though they did). His statline of 22/10/6 is very similar to his season statline of 21/11/8 (rounding up). Should I not be making this video? In my defense, the word “highlights” means something very specific (it means that a video will contain notable basketball plays), and these are definitely highlights of Nikola Jokic given the amount of moves he pulls out of his bag of tricks.

In the end, I just want two things. One, I want Serbs to watch my videos. Two, I want to see Jokic in action, and, short of actually watching Nuggets games, this is the only way I get to see it. So there. If you have a problem with the existence of this video, take it up with my lawyer, Mr. Japurri Purrker. He’ll bury you in court like he buries his poopoo in the litter box.

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