Bojan Bogdanovic 27 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2019)

It’s a contract year for Bojan “Bojangles” Bogdanovic. I don’t want to imply unfairly that his vastly increased production this season has anything to do with angling for a gigantic contract from either the Pacers or another team, but, actually, yeah, that is what I want to imply. Bogdanovic knows full well that averaging 18 PPG as opposed to 13 PPG is the difference between a potential $20 million per year payout and another $10 million per year payout like the one he’s getting currently.

Will the Pacers re-sign him? If they make it to the second round on the back of his strong play, they have to seriously consider it. If they get bounced in the first round, maybe they just let him go and try to replace his production with somebody cheaper (is Rudy Fernandez available/alive? Does anybody have Damjan Rudez’ number?). Either way, Bogey is gonna get a hella lot of money for a hella lot of years, and by the end of the contract, the team who has to pay that contract is going to regret having to pay it, but that’s not Bogey’s problem.

With all that new contract money, I humbly request that Bogdanovic become a Bojangles’ franchisee and open a bunch of Bojangles’ locations in southern Wisconsin where I am. I just looked at the menu and it looks so good. Who doesn’t like fried chicken, biscuits, and other homestyle fixin’s? He would make a killing up here just from me eating there for every meal. Can somebody please tweet this at him? Please. I don’t know how to use Twitter.

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