Trevor Ariza 27 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/9/2019)

Trevor Ariza takes a lot of threes; he’s jacking them up at a career-high clip for the ‘Zards. But this is the first game this season where he makes a lot of threes. 6 being the cutoff for “a lot” from “not a lot”. I briefly wondered if this was a career-high in makes from deep for him, but then I quickly remembered that time he hit 10 in his previous stint with the ‘Zards. Not to mention the time he scored 40 and hit 8 of them also in his previous stint with the ‘Zards.


Ariza was a lot better at threes in those days, thanks to the miraculous tweener-forward-improving effects of John Wall. These days, he just shoots a ton of them, some of them go in, but not as many as you’d hope for a guy using up 7 or 8 possessions a game on them. Tomas Satoransky is superior in many ways to Wall, but he just doesn’t have the same ability to make specifically Ariza a better player.

Of note: this is the first Ariza video I’ve made in a long time where I am not resentful of its existence and the effort I had to put in to bring it into existence. What can I say? I like threes, and when a player makes a lot of them, that makes me happy. Well, as close to happy as my brain which is incapable of feeling emotions is capable of coming.

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