Terry Rozier 26 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2019)

I am currently choosing to ignore everything that Terry Rozier is doing this season so that my last real memory of him can be him dominating Eric Bledsoe for a whole playoff series and showing up to one of the games in a Drew Bledsoe jersey. I suggest that Celtics fans do the same. They can go a step further and just ignore everything that everyone on the Celtics is doing this season. Everyone will be happier that way. Back when the Celtics were overachieving underdogs, not the underachieving overdogs they are now.

67 games.

In retrospect, we could’ve guessed that Rozier would’ve had a bit of a downturn this year. He’s good when he gots lots of minutes and lots of ball to get into a rhythm (similar to DownToBuck legend Tim Frazier, please some team pick him up I beg you). When he doesn’t get those things, you don’t get the production out of him. Well, you get some of it, but it’s less efficient production. Statwise, he isn’t even that much worse than last year, at least in the regular season. That playoff run he had really skewed people’s perceptions of him.

Including mine. I honestly gave some thought to putting him on the exclusion list for this season, removing him from eligibility on my channel. Wouldn’t that have been the dumbest thing ever? Even I bought into the hype. But can you blame me? I saw what he did to the Bucks/Bledsoe. I see it still to this day, when I close my eyes.

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