Nikola Jokic Triple Double 10 Pts/14 Rebs/14 Asts Full Highlights (4/13/2019)

Good news: Nikola Jokic entered this, his first playoff game, with no stats and left with a triple-double.

Bad news: The Nuggets got upset by the Spurs but it didn’t even feel like an upset because it’s the god-damn Spurs and they’re going to be a good team forever whether we like it or not.

Good news: If Jamal Murray’s shot (which was a great look) went in, we’d be talking about all this a lot differently, even though it’s only a single shot.

Bad news: Jokic only took 9 shots, way too few for a supposed fringe MVP candidate.

Good news: Despite his low point total, Jokic did have 14 assists.

Bad news: But most of the assists were lame handoffs or short passes to midrange jumpers, and the reality is that his assists were a lot cooler when Kenneth Faried was still on the team.

Good news: The US government has enough data on all its citizens to have the ability to send out pre-filled tax forms, eliminating the need for tedious busywork during the most hectic part of the NBA season.

Bad news: The tax-preparation lobby has successfully kept this from happening, as well as kept tax laws incredibly opaque and confusing, and I still have to do my taxes because the deadline is like tomorrow or something GOD DAMN IT.

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